Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crawling All Over Myself

Hello fine friends! Treiops Treyfid here. You of course have noticed with much alarm the demise of this here blog in recent months. Such a shame as it was gaining steam over the years collecting dozens of hits and subscribers into the double digits. Well, the deal was, me not being much of a writer it became difficult to sustain the energy to update it with new and exciting journalistic content. It became a chore. So, it died a quiet, unremarkable death.

But, now it's back! I've decided to repurpose this "blogorpse" (sure to be the next new meme) with my own content. I'm going to populate TTINLA with tales, video, and photos documenting what I've been doing lately. And it's been a lot. I'm now the new official vlogger for Ink Pen Mutations Press. Over the past few months I've been documenting the shenanigans of the IPM crew with my Rubber Band Cam (my home made steady cam). The results have been wondrous and majestic. Take a look at this triad of vlogs from our trip to Comic Con.

Pretty crazy huh? These people are true rock stars. Expect many more fun vlogs and blogs in the future. TTINLA is back, alive and cold-kickin' it once more.

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