Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Greene Sculpture Park

So, I drove downtown to see a couple Chung King Road openings the other night. I had a good time and liked some of what I saw. But, as I was mysteriously disappearing (it's my way) I noticed a fine group show at a temporary space called the Greene Park Gallery. It's just up another few days so you might not catch it in time. But, I thought I'd throw a few words around about some great sculptures by Peter Wu.

This is the new TTINLA so no deep analysis here, just snippets of appreciation for the nuggets I come into contact with. These sculptures feature all sorts of common objects like crappy figurines and cheapo coffee table gifts that would end up at a garage sale. This stuff is arranged and worked in such a way as to sublimate (I love that word) the original meaning of the objects. It's very obviously lovingly done.

There was other great work in the gallery but, I thought I'd focus on my favs. Keep your eyes peeled for Peter Wu in the future. http://www.drpeterwu.com

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Lowbrow Quickie

So, all I basically had to do was to get up from my early evening nap and walk up the hill across the street to see Beyond Eden Art Fair at the Barnsdall. I couldn't really pass this up, it would be shamefully sloth-like. The Barnsdall is a great place to see an art show but, whenever I go I keep thinking how horrified Frank Lloyd Wright would've been to see his beautiful gallery filled up with contemporary art pieces. He's been turning over in his grave for almost 50 years now and this Lowbrow show will for sure keep him spinning.

I'm not really a lowbrow guy but, there were a few really excellent artists who's work I really dug. One was Christopher Ulrich. I first heard of this guy from the Youtube show Artist Unusual. This is a really well done little series of art interviews by Randy Wall in his Andy Warhol wig. Check it out: Artist Unusual There's some crazy energy that Christopher is focusing in his work. Very detailed, bold and powerful stuff.

There were tons of people at this show including local art scene regular and idea man Aaron Landy feeding his video hoarding addiction. I think there needs to be an intervention. Don't tease us Aaron we need to see this shit before we die! Later, I asked a guy who I thought was Seth Carmichael if he wanted to buy a donut. It wasn't him and he didn't want to buy one. Guess it's been awhile since I've talked to Seth. Here's some info about the event: http://www.lamag.org/home/beyond-eden/

Oh No! Google just took over Blogger and they're screwing everything up. My settings are toast! I have to go in to the HTML and delete all the new crappy stylesheets they forced on me! Fuckers. Ever heard of Scroogle? Makes me feel better using it. Check it: http://www.scroogle.org

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I've been Resnick-ized!

I've been a busy bee. All sorts of performance art projects have kept me away from blogging. Frightfully busy have I been. Take a look at my site if you're interested to see what's been taking up my time. http://www.treiops.com/art But, also, I've realized I've become too much a journalist. Instead of just riffing on the crazy night I had I'm starting to do actual research! Damn my perfectionism! If'n I'm to keep this blog going I've just got to wing it. So, wing it I shall. Expect less details and more immediacy here on TTINLA.

I can't believe I've never been a member of LACMA. I love the place. But, I go there not often enough. So last Saturday I just decided to walk in and sign up. Lo, and behold they had built a whole new exhibition space called the Resnick Pavilion. It was full of mostly interesting objects. I'm a big fan of history especially ancient American history.

Did you know 95% of the people who originally lived in the Americas died of European delivered diseases? Often entire communities and populations were wiped out even before they had peered onto a white face! This isn't propaganda it's the real truth! Check out this fantastically detailed book called 1491 by Charles C. Mann.

Anyway, a lot was happening back in the good ol' Mesoamerican days, like the Olmec. You know those big heads? Well, the Resnick has a few of them along with some other grand Olmec items. They also had a couple other fine shows, one was a really fascinating assortment of high fashion clothing from 1700-1915. Hey Adele, you need to go!

The other an assortment of 18th century paintings & sculpture from the Resnick collection. I must admit I'm a sucker for these romantic sculptures featuring all the Greek gods and such. I know it's cheezy but I just can't help myself.

It reminded me of my trip to Copenhagen a few years ago when I happened upon the Glyptotek. http://www.glyptoteket.dk/ I spent most of the day there admiring Greek & Roman period sculptures along with reproductions and works in the same style from the 19th century. They also do this crazy thing in their museums of putting contemporary items along with the old stuff. Mind blowing. Go to Denmark!

Anyway, go to the Resnick too. It's good. Nice new building. You will like it. Don't worry, they still have the life-sized Michael Jackson and Bubbles ceramic sculpture next door.