Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Greene Sculpture Park

So, I drove downtown to see a couple Chung King Road openings the other night. I had a good time and liked some of what I saw. But, as I was mysteriously disappearing (it's my way) I noticed a fine group show at a temporary space called the Greene Park Gallery. It's just up another few days so you might not catch it in time. But, I thought I'd throw a few words around about some great sculptures by Peter Wu.

This is the new TTINLA so no deep analysis here, just snippets of appreciation for the nuggets I come into contact with. These sculptures feature all sorts of common objects like crappy figurines and cheapo coffee table gifts that would end up at a garage sale. This stuff is arranged and worked in such a way as to sublimate (I love that word) the original meaning of the objects. It's very obviously lovingly done.

There was other great work in the gallery but, I thought I'd focus on my favs. Keep your eyes peeled for Peter Wu in the future. http://www.drpeterwu.com

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