Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lada Adventures

Free admission, free parking space, free glass of wine. Now that's the way I like to roll.

I was lucky enough to get a last minute invitation to attend the Los Angeles Art Show opening Gala at the LA Convention Center last Wednesday. I slogged down there in the rain and parked and must've walked a mile though the cavernous and seemingly deserted convention building. I was beginning to think there had been a mistake. Did I get the wrong address? But, eventually I saw some signs of life, artsy-looking people in the distance.

Once I entered the gallery partition area though I realized I was going to have to throw out any notion I had of doing a review of this event. It was simply sensory overload. A maze of hundreds of galleries displaying their wares. I attempted to document some of my favorites but, things broke down very quickly.

So, I had a glass of wine and started to explore. Find below the highlights.

left - Artist Patrick Quinn standing in front of a Jackson Pollock inspired painting (not his). Don't worry Patrick I Photoshopped your double chin out.
center - The Pyo Gallery had some interesting pieces by Sung Tae Park made with metal screen mesh. Nan Chao had some bizarre concave relief sculptures. Very striking. Interesting technique.
right - A couple of wealthy patrons shelling out some dough for an abstract painting. So sophisticated they were. Vertical lines are making a comeback in 2010.

left - Look! A shark made out of old tires!
center - Hanging out with my friends L. Installácion, Deborah Martin Deborah, and a Glenna Jennings impersonator. How did these scruffs get in? Security!
right - Not photogenic? C'mon Kate, you are my Lucky Star!

left - Bert Green in da house in front of one of Peter Romberg's enigmatic portraits of identityless, handicapped children. Luckily, the Clippers were in better shape as they were taking it to a scrappy Bulls team next door at The Staples Center. "I love to see Derek Rose & Eric Gordon go at each other", Peter excitedly states. I concur! Take it 2 th' hole Kaman!

left - A giant chocolate kiss installation!
center - Look! A Ram made out of old tires!
center - Wow, how much do you think that giant glass lynx weighs? How the hell did they get it here?
right - The most inappropriate shot of the night. Kim and Jill with a furry pillow. Salacious!


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  2. It was not an event I was interested in, but you got in for free. Thanks for the review.