Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chinatown Wonderment Part 1

What a beautiful day to take in some exciting contemporary art in LA's quaint Chinatown. Here's a weird little place, one half sculpture gallery the other half full of vending machines and a large picnic table. Very avant garde! Oh wait, Devita tells me KMLA (Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects of Toronto) is sharing space with an automat. Those crazy Canadians!

In a five foot long glass case a weird little world is displayed. A button camera on a screw conveyor slowly passes in front of miniature flora and fauna. There's a jungle scene complete with little plastic trees and mirror as water reflection, a cotton cloud scape, an oily rag as foothills, and a rotating dead cat. An old Phonograph plays a droney soundtrack which is kept repeating by a tiny helicopter. On a TV close by the environment is realized. It appears amazingly lifelike (and kinda scary during the dead cat closeup). I stood and stared at this thing for several minutes, for three full cycles. Artist John Dickson's "Redux" is an impressionistic reworking of Apocalypse Now and Heart of Darkness themes in sculptural form. Follow the link for some of his other works.

So, come on down to Chinatown and have a Jarritos Mandarin or an Oolong Tea and a Twix bar while you discuss art concepts or important issues of the day.

936 Chung King Road
LA, 90012

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