Sunday, November 7, 2010

Airom Inc.

Congrats to Airom Bleicher on his new gallery (Caporale/Bleicher) located on LaBrea Ave. next to Jack Rutberg. So glad he has added a new eastern wing to his growing art conglomerate which started (and continues) with the Bleicher/Golightly location on Ocean Ave. Santa Monica is essentially Siberia as far as I'm  concerned and traveling there from Los Feliz was always a schlep for me. I'm happy that I'll be able to attend more of the many art & music events Airom puts on.

At Bleicher/GoLightly he is renting a partition of an existing gallery so his space there is severely limited. This new joint is gigantic in comparison and actually big enough to hold more than 5 people. And there were definitely more than five here at the "Worlds Within" grand opening. See the pictures for proof. The place was filled with important artists and art luminaries, a large foresty installation, a Bleicher brother, and at least one person named Calethia.

Airom has been doing the gallery & artist representation thing for a few years now. He has been tireless in his effort while at the same time living on the ultra cheap. The man doesn't even own a car for Chissakes! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy and I'm really happy for him. Yes, Airom is a great lad and I hope he is able to remember and appreciate all the fine work he has done even after he goes broke. Just kidding! Congrats Airom!

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